CanJam Thoughts

I like headphones. I’ve bought a fair number over the years, and I’m still looking for the One True Pair. Different people want different things; for me, when I’m looking for a pair of headphones, I’m interested in the following: 1. Sound quality 2. Detachable cables 3. Over-ear 4. Closed back 5. Noise canceling 6. […]

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So you want to make a tshirt?

I wanted to make a tshirt. I wanted it to say, “CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD” in all caps like the Frankie shirts. I also wanted to make a creative, experimental space for myself not so directly tied to my name. I’m interested in growing something… I’m not sure what it will be but I want to […]

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My Remote Work Setup

First off, working remotely is awesome!! It’s a common myth that remote work is isolating, that if you’re sociable you wouldn’t like it, and that if you really enjoy face-to-face time with others, maybe remote work isn’t for you. All of this is false. I’m happier and more sociable *because* I work remotely. I have […]

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